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  • Collection: Mariposa Folk Festival

Consists of audio recording of a concert performance by Angele Arsenault. Songs include: "P.E.I.O.", "Walking Down the Street", and unknown song, "Toc-toc, toc-toc-toc-toc", "Women Are Beggars", "I'd Rather Stay in the Kitchen...(J'aime mieux rester…

Item consists of a poster with a cream background and a large, yellow circle covering most of the paper. In a large, bold, black, sans-serif font in the upper left hand corner is the date 1964. Below, in the bottom left in a much smaller and more…

Image of First Nations performer, filmmaker and activist, Alanis Obomsawin and three other First Nations women in traditional dress speaking and knitting on a stage.

Image of men sitting on picnic bench at guitar workshop.

Image of young woman in focus amongst other people in background observing workshop.


Image of man sitting, playing guitar next to a woman lying down on the grass.


Image of three people standing (one with a fiddle, one with a banjo) and one guitarist sitting amongst people gathered around them at outside workshop.

Individuals have been identified as Steve Scanlon (fiddle), Paul Hornbeck (banjo) and Bernie…

Image of unknown trio performing outside before a seated audience.


Image of people standing in line before a concessions stand.

Image of five young women sitting in outdoor audience.


Image of Olympia Brass Band of New Orleans, Louisiana, performing on stage.

Image of trombonist and two saxophonists of Olympia Brass Band performing.

Image of young man on pedal boat in canal before a police officer.


Image of several guitarists sitting on a picnic table with children and young people standing and seated around them at workshop.

Image of woman (Edith Pike or Rosalie Power) working on pottery wheel with several children observing.

Image of several musicians playing fiddles, banjos and guitars surrounded by audience at workshop.

IIndividuals have been identified as Steve Scanlon (fiddle), Paul Hornbeck (banjo) and Bernie Jaffe (guitar) of the band Sweet Evening Breeze.

Image of Ramblin' Jack Elliot performing on guitar.

Image of unknown musician (Sandy Crawley?) performing on guitar.


Image of Fred McDowell performing on guitar.

Image of two First Nations men (one named Alex Eonaise ?), seated and singing with a hand drum.