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  • Collection: Greek Canadian History Project | Πρόγραμμα Έρευνας Ελληνο-Καναδικής Ιστορίας

Image of male and female protesters on a sidewalk carrying signs, mostly in English.

Image of protesters walking along a sidewalk with signs, all in English, some of which read "Smash Greek Junta" and "Down With Greek Junta". A swastika is visible in the background.

Image of a man making an obscene hand gesture (the moutza, or mountza).

Image of protestors addressing police officers. Their signs read "King Konstantine is Reponsible for the Greek Tragedy" and "Long Live Democracy".

Image of a crowd in a stadium holding lit candles.

Image of women, including one in a black headdress, holding candles.

Image of an athlete and Mayor Philip Givens holding an Olympic-style torch together in front of Toronto City Hall. The athlete's athletic top is inscribed "Order of AHEP[A]" and the mayor is wearing the Chain of Office.

Image of a young girl holding and looking at a lit candle. She is amongst adults, some of whom are also holding candles.

Image of men and women holding lit candles in front of a banner that reads "Metan Xopon" and other phrases in Greek.

Image of a male swimmer kissing the ring of a Greek Orthodox bishop at Toronto Harbour, near the CNE grandstand.

Image of two students, Anita Falles, 5, and Louann Falles, 7, with their teacher, Miss Irene Printezas, at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church Greek language school, located at 1115 Bond Street in Toronto.

Image of students in a classroom facing a blackboard with Greek writing and English phrases. A map hangs to its left. Phrases include "This is Canada our country", "Know thyself", and "Above father and mother and all [illegible] the most valuable is…

Image of a woman and a boy sitting in a crowded room, some of whom have Greek flags pinned to their lapels. The woman is holding a poster bearing a large image of Prof. Andreas S. Papandreou.

Image of six dancers in Greek national costumes on a stage in front of Toronto City Hall, circled by a crowd of onlookers.

Image of two musicians in the foreground and six dancers in Greek national costumes dancing on a stage in front of Toronto City Hall, surrounded by a crowd of onlookers.

Image of protesters picketing along a sidewalk, in front of a subway station, holding banners and signs, many prominently displaying the swastika, some of which read "No to Fascism", "Down with the Greek Junta" and "Smash Greek Junta".

Image of costumed children standing in line in front of Toronto City Hall. There is a banner and flag in background with Greek writing.

Image of mostly male protesters at a rally in Queen's park. A woman symbolically dressed as Greece leads the procession in chains. A crowd of men with banners follow behind her.

Image of a man and a girl. The girl is holding a bagel as she lights a candle.

Image consists of Greek orthodox priest and attendants with offiicals and ships captain posing in a boat with a young man in swimming trunks with a large gold crucifix hanging from his neck.