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  • Collection: Greek Canadian History Project | Πρόγραμμα Έρευνας Ελληνο-Καναδικής Ιστορίας

Poster advertising an evening of remembrance held at The Hellenic Community Center, 4500 Arbutus Street, Vancouver, featuring information in Greek and English. Event includes: "actual footage of the Polytechnic student takeover in 1973, live music,…

Image consists of Greek orthodox priest and attendants with offiicals and ships captain posing in a boat with a young man in swimming trunks with a large gold crucifix hanging from his neck.

Image of a man and a girl. The girl is holding a bagel as she lights a candle.

Image of a woman and a boy sitting in a crowded room, some of whom have Greek flags pinned to their lapels. The woman is holding a poster bearing a large image of Prof. Andreas S. Papandreou.

Image of protestors addressing police officers. Their signs read "King Konstantine is Reponsible for the Greek Tragedy" and "Long Live Democracy".

Image of a man making an obscene hand gesture (the moutza, or mountza).

Image of protesters walking along a sidewalk with signs, all in English, some of which read "Smash Greek Junta" and "Down With Greek Junta". A swastika is visible in the background.

Lecture presented by Geroge Papadatos of Scarborough College, University of Toronto.

Image of Andreas Papandreou and Margaret Papandreou shortly after arriving at Malton Airport.

Image of crowd in auditorium of the Greek Community of Toronto facing a stage.

Burning of the Junta symbol of the Phoenix – outside the Greek Consulate in Toronto in 1971 - Thanasis Lianos with another man

Poster advertising a commemoration event regarding the Greek Polytechnical School Uprising held at the Central Secondary School Auditorium located at 508 Waterloo Street in London, Ontario. Speakers and performers include: George Papadatos, Yannis…

Image of students in a classroom facing a blackboard with Greek writing and English phrases. A map hangs to its left. Phrases include "This is Canada our country", "Know thyself", and "Above father and mother and all [illegible] the most valuable is…

Image of two students, Anita Falles, 5, and Louann Falles, 7, with their teacher, Miss Irene Printezas, at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church Greek language school, located at 1115 Bond Street in Toronto.

Flyer reading "Fight to liberate Greece - P.A.K." featuring a graphic of a Greek temple and bound hands clenched into fists.

Flyer advertising the screening of the BBC film "Greece: Seven Black Years" at the Trojan Horse Coffeehouse located at 179 Danforth Avenue, Toronto.

Flyer calling on "Greek patriots" to participate in an event remembering the Polytechnic student revolt, to be held on November 14, 1976 at the Danforth Technical School at 840 Greenwood Avenue.

Flyer in Greek announcing that over 3,000 people attended a remembrance event held at the Titania Music Hall for the Polytechnic student revolt.

Flyer in Greek advertising an event organized by Greek Students Association of York University.

Image of a flyer in Greek regarding events related to the Polytechnic student uprising held at York, the University of Toronto and Scarborough College.