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  • Collection: Greek Canadian History Project | Πρόγραμμα Έρευνας Ελληνο-Καναδικής Ιστορίας

Image of a man in a hat embracing a child. A woman embraces a man and a woman in a headscarf. Two women in Red Cross uniforms and an airplane's propeller are visible in the background.

Image of two boys sitting on stairs, wearing matching jackets, shirts, and shorts.

Image of a woman and two men holding a girl who is carrying a decorated straw purse and a straw hat. They are standing near a marble column marked "Taxi".

Image of a woman in a headscarf being embraced and kissed on the cheek by a man in a hat, with a younger man and a woman in a fur coat looking on. A propeller from the aircraft on the runway tarmac is visible in the background.

Image of a man and woman standing on either side of a girl and boy and kissing their cheeks. A woman in a Red Cross uniform and a smiling man with a gold tooth standing nearby. An airplane is on the runway tarmac in the background.

Image of a smiling crowd of people standing and waving from behind rope railing, with a woman in a Red Cross uniform holding the Ontario flag.

Image of men and women standing in a group, with a woman in a headscarf carrying a cloth bag and bundle in foreground.

Image of a waving woman and a man disembarking from an airplane via passenger steps. They are flanked by Red Cross and Ontario flags, and women in Red Cross uniforms standing at attention.

Image of a Greek Orthodox priest accompanied by two attendants at Toronto Harbour, near the CNE grandstand, leading the Recovery of the Cross Ceremony.

Image of eight men treading water in Toronto Harbour, near the CNE grandstand. The man in the middle holds on to a large cross. A large crowd of spectators is gathered along the wharf.

Image of a religious procession outside a church at night. (Shot is overexposed.)

Image of a sign and banners being carried along a sidewalk, some of which read "LBJ - Don't Turn Greece into Another Vietnam" and "What Counts in a Plebiscite is the Ballots Not [illegible]".

Image of six women blowing out candles on a cake while a man plays a saxophone in the background.

Image of men holding flags, signs and banners in English and Greek, some reading "Believe It or Not: Canada Supplies Arms to Fascist Junta", "No Canadian Dollars to Fascist Junta", "Greece Needs Help Not Fascism", and "Greece Under Fascism May…

Image of a woman in a light-coloured winter coat carrying, as part of a larger group of demonstrators, a large sign reading "Murderers Murderers".

Image of men in winter coats demonstrating along a sidewalk, carrying signs that read "Greece's Court Martial Justice 'Free World' Style?", "Mr. Trudeau...What are you doing about Greece's Unjust Society?", "Mr Sharp Silence on Panagoulis's Murder is…

Image of parishioners sitting and standing at Maple Leaf Gardens, holding lit candles. The ice hockey rink's lines and circles are clearly visible.

Image of parishioners lining up alongside a long narrow table covered in lit candles.

Image of four man standing at a blackboard tallying votes.