New donation: “Strong Hearts, Steady Hands” (2004) documentary footage.

Felipe Gomes, one of the producers of the documentary Strong Hearts, Steady Hands (2004), directed by Carol Coffey, donated the film’s raw footage to the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections, York University Libraries. This footage includes over 50 hours of interviews with Portuguese immigrants and descendants across Canada and in Portugal. The CTASC are currently digitizing this footage. We are hoping to make it available on our website once it is ready.

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2 Responses to New donation: “Strong Hearts, Steady Hands” (2004) documentary footage.

  1. Marcolino Furtado says:

    Can you tall me when the documentary will be available
    Strong hearts steady hands 2004

  2. gfernandes says:

    Hi Marcolino,

    The documentary “Strong Hearts. Steady Hands,” directed by Carol Coffey, was released in 2004. OMNI TV occasionally runs it. If you live in Toronto or another large Canadian city, you may be able to find a copy in your local library system.

    If you’re interested in a more recent TV production on Portuguese immigrants and descendants in Canada, check out the documentary-style segments that we have been producing for the daily TV show “Hora dos Portugueses,” which airs on RTPi, RTP1, and RDP. You can find our past episodes here:

    Gilberto Fernandes

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