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For more information about the holdings at the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections, contact the archivists at or

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  1. Hello my name is Edgar Gabriel and I sit on the committee of the “Portuguese Walk of Fame”.

    Please take a look at our web site as we are looking into nominees for this years event.

    But the reason why I am writing is that I am looking into potential nominees for the builders category, basically any deceased Portuguese Canadians who contributed, inspired or impacted our community positively. If you have any ideas that you can share with me it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Edgar Gabriel

  2. Idalina da Silva says:

    Hello, my name is Idalina da Silva.

    I was a photojournalist and reporter with the Portuguese Community in Toronto from 1990 to present. I have a collection of photos, newspapers and articles gathered throughout the years that I was active in the Portuguese Community in Toronto.
    I would be very honored to donate them to the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections.

    Would you be so kind as to let me know how to go about to donate the above mentioned .

    Thank you,


    Idalina da Silva

    • gfernandes says:

      Cara Idalina,

      Thank you for reaching out to us and offering to donate your records to the archives. Could you send us an email to so we can follow up with you and start this process?

      Looking forward to meeting you.

      Gilberto Fernandes

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