Mariposa : celebrating Canadian folk music : 1963


1963 marked the last year for many years to come that Mariposa would be held in Orillia. Due to a rash of public disturbances that occurred as a result of rowdy festival-goers in the previous year, the town of Orillia acquired an injunction against the festival to force it out of the city limits.

As a result, the festival was held just west of the town from August 9-11 and was produced by Jack Wall. By this time Mariposa could boast being the largest folk festival of its kind in North America while still maintaining a primarily Canadian focus. Performances included Jacques Labrecque, Bonnie Dobson, Ian and Sylvia, Alan Mills, Al Cromwell, Stu Phillips, Jean Carignan, Dave Campbell, Les Ceintures Fléchées (a French Glee Club), Michel Choquette, Canadian folklorist Edith Fowke, Jerry Gray, Malka and Joso, Judith Orban, Valerie Siren, The Spokesmen, Elan Stuart, Lamont Tilden, The Town Criers, The Travellers and Sharon Trostin.

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