Mariposa : celebrating Canadian folk music : 1965

Performer spotlight : Edith Fowke

Mariposa Folk Festival : near Brampton : Caledon East

Edith Fowke (1913-1996) was one of Canada's foremost folklorists and collectors of the twentieth century.  Teaching folklore at York University from 1971 on, Fowke also conducted extensive fieldwork in Ontario, collecting songs and stories from communities across the province.  Fowke had her own radio show on the CBC, "Folk Sounds" (1963-1974), as well as limited radio series "Folklore and Folk Music" in 1965 and "The Traveling Folk of the British Isles" in 1967.

Fowke was a founding member of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music / La Société canadienne pour les traditions musicales in 1956 and was editor of The Canadian Folk Music Journal from 1973 to her death in 1996.

Fowke was an important contributor to the festival in its early stages, hosting some of the first workshops offered at the festival, like the one on Ontario songs in 1965.


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