Mariposa : celebrating Canadian folk music : 1968


The Toronto Islands became the new home of the festival in 1968, which took place over the August 9th to 11th weekend. It also marked the first year the festival began on a Friday afternoon.

The festival program was promoted without headlining acts and placed an emphasis on workshops, which included post concert song sessions, craft displays and demonstrations.

The festival attracted over 5,000 audience members on its opening night and filled the Toronto Island with more then 15,000 festival-goers over the course of the festival weekend.

Performances included returning acts Bonnie Dobson, Mary Jane and Winston and The Travellers as well traditional folk, blues and Francophone musicians, Mike Seeger, Michael Cooney, Joni Mitchell, Bukka White, Howling Wolf Band and Gilles Vigneault.

The festival was arranged by Executive Administrator Tom Bishop and Art Director Estelle Klein and was recognized as the most organized Mariposa Folk Festival to date with most well behaved crowd in years.

The festival also marked the debut of the new Mariposa sun logo, designed by singer Murray McLaughlin.

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