Mariposa : celebrating Canadian folk music : 1969


1969 marked the second year for the Toronto Island to host the Mariposa Folk Festival, which took place on July 25th to 27th and attracted over 29,000 festival attendees.  For the first time CBC filmed throughout the weekend of the festival, compiling footage for a documentary entitled “Mariposa: A Folk Festival” attempting to capture the atmosphere, feeling and music of the festival. The documentary aired on September 28, 1969. 

Many American performers, including Joan Baez, were late to arrive on Friday and Saturday due to delays at customs, many who were forced to pay a deposit on their instruments. 

Protest songs were a dominent theme throughout the festival with performances by Joni Mitchell, Pete Seeger, Vera Johnson, Bessie Jones and Joan Baez.

The 1969 festival also marked the first year since the festivals inception that a profit was made.  All previous years the festival suffered a large deficit.

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