Mariposa : celebrating Canadian folk music : 1970


By 1970, the third consecutive year in a row, Mariposa Folk Festival had settled into Toronto Island as its host site. This year marked the expansion and integration of the Natives people area at the festival, resulting in broadening the performance acts, crafts area and workshops.  This significant change was a success with festival goers.

In 1970, Festival Director Estelle Klein shifted the focus of the festival by making workshops an integral part of the festival.  Workshops generally investigated instrumental styles, music of specific regions and song exchanges. 1970 also marked the first year for Mariposa in the Schools Program (MITS) organized by Klass Van Graft, Estelle Klein and Check Roberts.  

Some of the headlinging performers for 1970 included Alanis Obomsawin, James Taylor, Edith Butler, Murry McLauchlan, Utah Philips and Geroge Sawa.

In internal documents, 1970 is the year "the Woodstock Generation crashed the gates".

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