Mariposa : celebrating Canadian folk music : 1971


Strangely enough, there was little from 1971 to select from when it came time to digitize material. The archives could actually only find one photograph of performers Robin and Barry Dransfield from the Mariposa Folk Foundation archives to scan.

When the festival doors opened at the Toronto Island on July 9th 1971, the festival structure had changed and altered from all previous years.  Festival Director Estelle Klein wanted to change the dynamic of the festival and its overall flow.  Evening concerts were eliminated as typically only big name acts attracted attention. 

The evening concerts were replaced with six simultaneous workshops that ran until dusk allowing festival attendees the opportunity and chance to see not only the well known acts but other smaller names as well. This shift allowed festival goers to wander from workshop to workshop and interact with performers. This change proved to be a success as over 10,000 people came daily over the weekend. Large stages were removed and audience members sat only a few feet away from performers and could actively participate with the musicians.

Performers included Michael Cooney, Bessie Jones, Jean Redpath, Enoch Kent, Owen McBride and Murray McLaughlan.

In 1971 Ceser Nwashish of Manouane Reserve near James Bay, QC made a 35-foot canoe over the course of the festival, later donating it to the Royal Ontario Museum.

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