Mariposa : celebrating Canadian folk music : 1973


For the forth consecutive year in a row, the 1973 Mariposa Folk Festival was held at Toronto's Centre Island from July 6th to 8th.

1973 marked the year that organizers began documenting and recording festival workshops.  Documentation of the festival was always an integral aspect and goal of the organizers and with the systematic recording of the festival performances, the festival organizers began to generate records that would be of lasting interest to music fans and musicologists alike.

The Mariposa in the Schools program had also expanded in the intervening years, and had provided over 80 presentations and concerts in local schools across the province. 

The origin and repertoire of the performers has also broadened, with musicians arriving from all over the globe to play at Mariposa including, Bai Konte from West Africa, Martin Carthy from England, Ardoin Family from Louisiana in the United States and the Boys of the Lough from Ulster and North England.

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