Mariposa : celebrating Canadian folk music : 1974


The 1974 Mariposa Folk Festival took place between 21 - 23 June on the Toronto Islands. 

With Artistic Director Estelle Klein the festival continued to flourish, with programming taking into account audience interest  in ethnic music and bluegrass. Site managers also made an effort to promote the craft area more fully throughout the weekend. Almost 80 percent of tickets were pre-sold by mail and the remainder sold out in a record five days.  The media reported that an estimated 24,000 might attend in all, with festival organizers limiting daily attendance to 8,000. Rain on Friday reduced some of the attendance, but overall media coverage judged it a success.

In 1974, festival organizers also began developing publishing ventures, including a festival newsletter for foundation members.  The Mariposa in the Schools program also continued to flourish,  reporting to members that in the previous year, twenty-six folk music storytellers and musicians had visited classrooms across the province of Ontario, providing over 500 workshops altogether. 

The 1974 festival had a large number of performers including David Amram, Angele Arsenault, Bruce Cockburn, Bill Reid, Willie Dunn, Akalisie Novalinga , John Allan Cameron, Jean Carignan, Elizabeth Cotton, Pete Seeger, Malvina Reynolds, David Essig, Michael Cooney and Leslie Riddle.


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