Mariposa : celebrating Canadian folk music : 1975

Bread and Roses Workshop

Mariposa Festival 1975

This workshop hosted by Malvina Reynolds focused on women and industry, women's rights and women's songs.  It included performances by Vera Johnson, a then-unknown Rita MacNeil performing "Born a Woman",  Margaret Christl performing "Four Pence A Day" (trad.), Rosalie Sorrels performing "I am a Union Woman" (Aunt Molly Jackson), Malvina Reynolds performing "Bury Me in My Overalls", Vera Johnson performing "Marion", Rita MacNeil performing "Renie" and  Margaret Christl performing "The Doffing Mistress" (trad.). The recording also includes Rosalie Sorrels telling a story about parenting and her youth and performing "Apple of My Eye".

Here are five audio clips from the workshop featuring performances by Vera Johnson, Margaret Christl and a member of the audience, Lisa Donner, who volunteers to perform the song "Bread and Roses".

Mariposa Festival 1975

Rosalie Sorrels also performed at this workshop.

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