Mariposa : celebrating Canadian folk music : Beyond our borders : world music from home and away

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Rock Festival - Mariposa
Norman Kennedy, a Scottish storyteller, was a regular performer at Mariposa.
Here is a concert by The Boys Of The Lough from 1975 performing traditional songs and fiddle songs from Ireland, Shetland, Scotland and Northumbria.
Mariposa Folk Festival : Innis Lake
Owen McBride was a long-term performer at the festival.  Originally from Ireland, this photograph was taken at 1966.
Here are some excerpts from a 1975 concert of British and North American folk songs and street ballads by David Jones (originally from London) and Margaret Christl (who was raised in Scotland and Wales).
Here are some recitations and stories told by Tommy Makem, Owen McBride and others at a 1975 workshop.
Mariposa Festival 1975
Tommy Makem was an American transplant from Ireland and is perhaps best known as his collaboration with The Clancy Brothers.  Here is a photograph from the 1975 festival of Makem enjoying some solitude.

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