Comunidade newspaper, 1975-1979. Part 1: Records and commentary

Comunidade was founded in June 1975 by the Portuguese Development Committee/Movimento Comunitario Português. This Committee was a community organization created by a group of social workers, including João Medeiros and Domingos Marques, based out of the Toronto's West End Y.M.C.A. Comunidade was different from the other Portuguese-Canadian newspapers in that most of its content was original, not cut and pasted from newspapers from Portugal, and it focused on the situation of immigrants in Canada rather than on the homeland. In addition to the combative spirit that characterized its reporting - Comunidade was a self-avowed champion of the working class - this newspaper urged greater participation in Canadian society and sought to educate immigrants about their rights and responsibilities under the Canadian legal and political system. A significant number of socially-progressive individuals, some of whom would become community leaders and activists, gathered around this newspaper. Comunidade's commitment to left-wing topics and its propensity for progressive arguments also attracted much criticism from the conservative side of the community, as well as surveillance from Canadian authorities, who were troubled by its Marxist rhetoric. In spite of its left-wing views, Comunidade had a sizeable audience during the four years it lasted.

The documents and photographs displayed in this section are taken from Domingos Marques' archival donation to the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections, and Gilberto Prioste's own photographic library. The interviews with Gilberto Prioste and Domingos Marques were conducted on March 19, 2011, and April 16, 2011 respectively. The Portuguese-Canadian History Project thanks videographer Steve Miller ( for kindly contributing his time, equipment, and skills to the filming of these interviews.

You can access every issue of Comunidade, along with the other items from our collections that have been digitzed, at York Space.

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