Comunidade newspaper, 1975-1979. Part 1: Records and commentary


My name is Community [sic]. Because I was born today, I must take this opportune moment to explain who I am and what I want.

For some years a group of young Portuguese people has published a monthly bulletin, "Informaçoes" in an attempt to inform Toronto's Portuguese Community and to support and defend specifically the rights of the working people.

This summer, some young people who are involved in a project called "FORWARD" decided, with a grant from the Canadian government, to expand the bulletin into a community newspaper. And that is how I was born.

It is true that there are already several newspapers in the community. Other means of communication are not lacking either. Nevertheless, I want to be yours, I want to belong to all that have something to say.

Many of you are exploited because you are workers. This is a universal problem but it is my intention to be a platform on which such a problem will be aired. I have broad shoulders. Write on them, read me. Take care of me so that I will always be on your side. Then you will always be able to take pride in me, your paper.

By the end of the summer, I may already have teeth and when the milk dries up, perhaps I will be able to survive and continue to defend your interests.

In me you will have an independent, dynamic and critical voice for the happy or difficult moments. Because you are a large and experienced group, it is (and more than that) your voice be heard whether to ask, inform or even to criticize.

I belong to all the immigrants, workers, students, women, the aged and children that in any way, were or are being used, utilized or exploited. I belong to progressive people, to those who have sacrificed themselves unselfishly so that the community may be recognized, may join efforts, unite those who tirelessly have tried to organize the working people, the students, the women, etc. Finally, I belong to all of those who are aware of the difficult situation in which many of you live, not only because Toronto is a city with a foreign language where your interests are so often neglected, but also because some of your fellow countrymen, those whom you look for help, exploit you.

What do I want? The same that you want. There is a great deal to accomplish. There are health problems characteristically yours, education problems specifically of your children, problems of work exclusively of the women. All of this may be modified, but it will be necessary to speak out, get up, awaken once and for all and write, speak, collaborate, participate

Here I am, COMMUNITY! At your service.” July 11, 1975 Year 1, n.1: 3


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