Comunidade newspaper, 1975-1979. Part 1: Records and commentary

The following is an excerpt from Domingos Marques and João Medeiros, “Filling the Gap in Information” report (see last page of exhibit)

"The first issues were distributed in Toronto in an area where there was a high concentration of Portuguese. Soon after this, due to a shortage of financial resources, we were forced to ask people to pay for each newspaper, limiting the number of people who had access to the information. [There] were 700 to 800 family subscribers who always enthusiastically supported several initiatives of the [newspaper] (i.e. sending donations to pay for an IBM typewriter, participating in large numbers in two anniversary celebrations; writing letters to the editor). From this point on, only subscribers received the newspaper which was also available in some Portuguese agencies and stores in the community.

There were also some subscribers from outside Toronto in facts all of the provinces in Canada were represented.

The money generated by the advertising and by the subscribers was enough to keep the newspaper being published once a month, but the organization could not hire a full time person necessary to coordinate the many tasks the newspaper requires and to work with the volunteers."


Journalism, like any other profession, requires apprenticeship and training, without which the work will come out imperfect or at least with plenty of lacuna to fill.

At this moment, almost all of us are in a period of apprenticeship, presenting therefore, a work that is done with total dedication, but not yet professional. The results obtained until now can, nevertheless, be considered extraordinary if we attend to the progress that each member of the group as already made.

The young people that collaborate in the production of this issue are not journalists, but they are learning how to become it. And because they attentively observe the problems of the community, the country, and the whole world, they are in the right path and ideal school. From their observations, they were able to transmit what’s most important, relate events, present opinions, and share their experiences with the readers. All their names deserve to be published here so that others feel the courage and the stimulus to participate in this communitarian movement and believe that the “Comunidade” belongs to all those who have something to say, all those who call themselves progressive and believe to be part of our community. Here we learn to write, to debate, to work democratically, in an environment of shared experiences, ideas and knowledge.

No one, from now on, can use the excuse that they do not have the opportunity to express themselves.  This newspaper was created for the Portuguese community of Toronto, which, until now, has not been able to make itself heard in the biggest society of the country that is the city, the province or the country of which is a part. If this occasion is not seized, who will guarantee that there will be another one?

Domingos Marques.” July 11, 1975 Year 1, n.1: 3 (trans. Gilberto Fernandes)


Last week the newspaper Comunidade became richer in collaborators, who generously accepted to participate in the diverse activities and positions of responsibility that make the newspaper.

There are five sections in the newspaper, as follows: Direction, Redaction, Composition, Distribution and Promotion, each with its coordinating fronts and its working teams. In the Redaction work Domingos Marques, Abel Guerra, Manuela Vieira, Valter Lopes, João Faria and Joaquim Fonseca. In Composition work Marijo Marques, Carlos Ferreira, Gilberto Prioste, Gualter Torres, Artur Viegas, Manuel Couto and António Varatôjo. In Distribution work Henrique de Matos, João Manuel, António Rodrigues and Manuel Rodrigues. In Promotion we find João Medeiros, Ricardo Penas, Henrique Santos and Martinho Silva, and directing is Deolinda Neves. As casual collaborators there are also Fr. Benjamim Cabral, Dr. César Cordeiro, Ilda Augusto, Clara Nickel, Frank Marques, Ana Borges, Filomena Almeida Medeiros and José Henrique Borges.” Apr 15, 1976, Year 1 n. 12: 3 (trans. Gilberto Fernandes)

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