Like most working-class immigrants arrived in Canada after the Second World War, the Portuguese came predominantly from rural backgrounds, where they were accustomed to growing and preparing their own food. Despite the financial hardships that came with starting a new life in Canada, their ingenuity, their "do what it takes" attitude and willingness to help each other gave Portuguese immigrant families considerable self-sufficiency, reducing their vulnerability to market fluctuations. Many grew vegetables, pickled food, butchered meat, and made wine in their backyards, garages and basements.

Gilberto Prioste, Comunidade's main photographer and illustrator, published a photo essay where he followed Mr. João Padeiro and his family throughout the process of making wine at home.

Also featured here are some of  the ads published in Comunidade for grape and wine sellers in Toronto, one of them encouraging parents to "try mixing wine for your children, with pop: ginger ale, cola and orange soda".

The wine-making supplies business featured here was located on 730 Queen St. West (at Claremont St.)

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