St. Christopher House, 1912-2012: a century of social services in Toronto

Since the 1950s, nothing else has occupied so much time and energy from the Board as the issue of relocation. Space shortage and the buildings’ deterioration had become a serious problem since then. After spending the first sixty-one years of its existence in the old Ryerson House on 67 Wales Avenue, St. Christopher House saw the need to move to a new location. That decision was prompted in 1971 by an offer made by the Toronto Western Hospital to buy the old property. However, that proposal was met with strong community opposition, both against the House’s long-turn plan to leave the neighbourhood, but also because the Hospital revealed its intention to build a heating plant on that site. Planning the relocation was a complex and lengthy process that involved a vast number of parties. The Board decided to purchase a property at 84 Augusta Avenue as an interim location until a new facility was built. That facility opened in 1973. Eventually, a non-profit housing corporation acquired the old property and constructed affordable housing units on the site.

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