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International Black Women's Congress

Jean Augustine discusess the International Black Women's Congress button.

Ahh, the “Congress of Black Women”. After the, I wouldn’t say the demise, the death or whatever, but after the unsuccessful, the lack of success in organizing ourselves across the country as a national black organization, it was felt that the women can do something about doing something successful, organizing ourselves as black women. And we had been involved and engaged and attending several, whether it’s at the UN level or Pan-African or different places where things were happening for women. And so this came from an international black women’s congress where black women from Africa, United States, Canada, Caribbean came together to discuss issues. And again it was amazing how despite where we came from how the issues were all the same. So whether you’re a black woman from Brazil, or a Black woman in the United States, or a black woman in the UK, or a black woman in Canada, we all seem to have the same issues. And so that button was a button that I picked up at that meeting. Can’t remember the city in the US where it was held.