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Miscellaneous buttons

Jean Augustine discusses the Caribbean Focus on You button.

This was a magazine, and I’m not too sure whether it’s still alive. I think it’s gone now, overtaken by another series of things that came later. And it was called Caribbean Focus. It was just maybe about a 32 page magazine or less, but it was all about what was happening in the different islands, and um, what was happening in Toronto and happening in other Caribbean groups; an interesting magazine.


Jean Augustine discusses the North American Black Historical Museum.

“The North American Black Historical Museum Amherstburg Canada”. This is still going, this is where a lot of the history of the Underground Railroad and South Western Ontario, etc. -- very dynamic, very important museum in Canada in terms of the history and the knowledge and the artifacts that they have of early settlements in that part of Ontario. Notice also, you’d see this in a lot of the buttons that speak to history, geography, people or culture, the symbols. You know, the maple leaf, and you’d see the religious aspect of the community as well as the importance and the integration of the community. So the logos themselves have their own story.