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Growing together/ Celebrate our differences

Jean Augustine discusses the Growing Together button

Growing Together, you see it's the same theme, and I think this is what makes us as a country, different to a lot of other countries that's struggling to integrate people into their society.

Jean Augustine discusses the Celebrate our Differences button.

Celebrate Our Differences; and that was the early themes of the multicultural programs and the festivals, the different things that we did; the dance, the music, the food, those early days, I know that there were people who knocked that, but at the same time that was a way to get to know your neighbour, get to know your friends, that was the time when we learned each other's foods. I would imagine that that was the time that I learnt perogies and you learnt different apart from-- I think everybody knew Chinese food but we didn't know a lot of food that came from different places. And when we celebrated our difference, when we came together, either at the workplace having a potluck and everybody bringing something from their culture, at the same time that we are all part of Canadian society yet we bring different baggage and therefore let's celebrate that. And this is the same message: Become Our Partner, Let's Hold Hands Together.