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Biko lives

Jean Augustine discusses the Biko lives button.

This is a very, very poignant one for me because when we were in South Africa, Svend Robinson was the MP of Vancouver and I worked together, they put us in groups of twos. And we were in the area where Steve Biko grew up and where he lived, so we went to visit his mother and sat on the chair where he would usually sit in his mother’s house, had a conversation with her, then she—one of his nephews took us to the hospital where his wife was working and she took us to the gravesite and the grass was as tall as we are, with bush and everything else and I remember Svend and myself and the fellow who was driving the car, cleaning Steve Biko’s gravesite, and that was before the election. Um, so that’s--- and of course everyone who’s Steve Biko’s struggle against apartheid and the fact that he was killed.


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