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A date with equality

Jean Augustine discusses the April 17, 1985 date with equality button.

Okay, I think a number of these seems to me comes from women organizations. I’ll start with this one first: um, I was a member of the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status Women and I was appointed by Prime Minister Trudeau to sit on the Status of Women; the Canadian Advisory Council. And we dealt with a whole series of issues that pertained to—or we advised and have met on a whole series of issues for gender equality, for women’s equality, for women’s inclusion in every aspect of not only law but in every aspect of the society. And so I think this was a special focus on April the 17th, 1985 which was a specific, what we called, “a date with equality”. So at the bottom here you can see in small print who did this, the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women and I was on the council at that time.




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