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Violence against women buttons

Jean Augustine discusses the No to violence button.

And of course this is the Federation of our Women Teachers. And it’s their response, again, “No to violence” and I used to wear that as a teacher. I was very pleased with [that one].


Jean Augustine discusses the YWCA Week without Violence button.

And uh, this was an effort in October 1997 by the YWCA to have a week without violence ‘because there was a time it just seemed that the issues of violence against women in the home and the market place and in every aspect of a woman’s life. And so here again, the YWCA, the dove of peace, symbol of peace, and setting out in 1997, that week of the 19th-25th as a week to end violence or to have a week without violence. And it’s interesting where we would ask for a week without violence when what we all wish for is that we would eliminate violence.