GCHP Receives New Donation

The Greek Canadian History Project is delighted to announce that the Cephalonia-Ithaka Association of Toronto has donated a collection of rich materials from the association’s past. While consisting mainly of documents that highlight how the diasporic organization managed its operations and events in Toronto, the collection also includes interesting historical pieces that illuminate how the process of migrating from Greece intersected with the medley of everyday life, pressures of integration, and Canada’s growing commitment to multiculturalism. The donation is a step forward towards the construction of a research infrastructure that unveils how Greek immigrants responded to migration while keeping their homeland in mind.

We sincerely thank the Cephalonia-Ithaka Association for understanding the importance of preserving and documenting the history of the Greek immigrant experience in Canada.

Moving forward, we will be sharing some interesting sources from this collection for you to see.

Thank You!

Cephalonia Association in Toronto(Photo Source: Cephalonia-Ithaca Brotherhood of Toronto, Canada Facebook Page – March 1994)


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  1. Jerry Gerassimos Antzoulatos

    In days gone bye, the Greeks of Toronto celebrated Easter at Maple Leaf Garden,it was a sight to behold

    We must never lose our roots, our eternal flame still shines in our beloved Toronto.

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