105 Documents for 105 Years: Photo Exhibit at Greek Community Gala Highlighted by Donation Announcement

In honour of its 105th anniversary the Greek Community of Toronto announced at its March Independence Day Gala that it would be donating 105 historical documents to the Greek Canadian History Project. The donation marks a commitment by the Greek Community of Toronto, in partnership with the Greek Canadian History Project, to professionally preserve the historical memory and the documented history of the Community as an institution. The materials will be housed at Clara Thomas Archives – York University Libraries, which is an accessible portal for those wishing to research the history of the Greek Community of Toronto. The pledge to scientifically preserve the past and to ensure open access to historical materials is reflective of progressive and innovative thinking in relation to the documented history of this important institution.

The donation is also demonstrative of the emerging partnerships that the GCHP has been forming with Greek community organizations and private collectors. As the GCHP continues to cultivate these relationships, it will empower researchers to make more contributions to the collective memory of Greek immigrant history. As more historical materials are made available to the GCHP, which are subsequently preserved and made accessible, our mission to disseminate knowledge will be brought to fruition.

Thank you to the Greek Community of Toronto for partnering with us and for pledging to revitalize its future by preserving its past.


  1. Nancy Athan-Mylonas

    Congrats! If I can be of assistance let me know.

  2. Anastasios Exacoustos

    This project is not just an initiative, but an inspiration for the entire Greek-Canadian youth. I had the chance to attend this amazing event hosted by the Greek Community Of Toronto and listen to the innovative speech of Chris Grafos. Great work!

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