Announcement of New Donation

The Greek Canadian History Project (GCHP) recently acquired a new collection of materials donated by Mr. George Papadatos. While Mr. Papadatos currently lives in Athens, he lived in Toronto for approximately fifteen years. During his tenure in the city, Mr. Papadatos was involved in various cultural, political, social work, and educational activities; each associated with aspects of Greek issues in Canada.
The collection consists of letters, posters, photographs, books, newspapers, cassettes and more. Some notable aspects of the collection include visits to Canada by Manos Loizos, Christos Leontis, presentations on the cultural and political climate of Greece and Canada’s Greek community from the 1970s and 1980s, in addition to other fruitful resources that reflect some historical nuances of Greek immigrant life in Toronto.

The GCHP would like to thank Mr. Papadatos for supporting the mandate of the project and for helping to enrich the historical record of the ties that bind Greek and Canadian life through the voice of the immigrant. The GCHP remains committed to identifying and preserving historical records that contribute to a broad understanding of the Greek immigrant narrative in Canada.

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