Cephalonia-Ithaca Association of Toronto – The collection is an assortment of documents that traces the organization’s proceedings from the mid-1970s forward. While consisting mainly of documents that highlight how the diasporic organization managed its operations and events in Toronto, the collection also includes interesting historical pieces that illuminate how the process of migrating from Greece intersected with the medley of everyday life, pressures of integration, and Canada’s growing commitment to multiculturalism. Included in the collection are financial records, mission statement, event details and planning records, organization correspondence, and other materials related to the association’s affairs.

Trifon Haitas – The collection largely consists of audio-visual materials that reveal and document the lives of Greek-Canadians. Since the 1980s, Mr. Haitas has used his recording materials to capture some of the Greek community’s largest and most important events. He has also amassed a very large interview collection where Greek immigrants speak of the events and themes that have shaped their lives. The collection is currently being processed and digitally translated.

Torry Koutsoulianos – Nisyrion Association of Ontario, Canada, “Panagia Spyliani”- The collection outlines the activities of the Nisyrion Association across North America. The donation includes materials that date back decades.

George Papadatos – The collection includes significant material related to the political and cultural life of Greeks in Toronto. Included are speeches, newspapers, posters, audio and visual, and organizational materials of anti-dictatorship activity in Toronto during the time period of Greece’s military junta. Documents capture political life on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue, York University, and in other contexts. The collection also documents musical, poetry, and other intellectual activity centered on Greek themes in Toronto. Concerts and various other events display the transnational aspect of Greek immigrant life in Canada. Material is mainly centered on period, 1969 – 1984.

Greek Community of Toronto – The collection consists of photographic material that documents events and individuals related to the Greek Community of Toronto. Many events are captured in the donation including various galas, parades, and charity golfing tournaments. The collection centers on the period of mid-1980s to the early-1990s.

Frances Themeliopoulos – The donation includes materials related to the Greek school system in Toronto. The collection also has a resource related to a Greek Community of Toronto initiative seeking to advance issues related to Greek women.

Michail Vitopoulos – This collection offers rare books that capture the political, artistic, and literary life of Modern Greece. There are hundreds of books, films, photographs, and poems that speak to the world that the Greek immigrant came from. The collection speaks to the polarizing turmoil of Greek history, the emotion, and overall context that shaped Greece’s period of emigration. The collection is currently being transliterated with over      1, 000 titles and books being systematically organized.


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