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Comunidade promotional advertisement saying: "This newspaper reads in less than an hour and takes a hundred and fifty hours to make. Take advantage of our work!"

In this cartoon, an image of U.S. President Jimmy Carter on TV says: "...the U.S. will achieve self-sufficiency." Meanwhile, 'o Canagues´ is urinating into the gas tank of an American car, license plate 1979, and saying: "Hey! This even feels…

Digital clipping of an advertisement for the West End YMCA in Toronto, published in the newspaper Comunidade.

Image consists of Greek orthodox priest and attendants with offiicals and ships captain posing in a boat with a young man in swimming trunks with a large gold crucifix hanging from his neck.

Image of a man and a girl. The girl is holding a bagel as she lights a candle.

Image of a woman and a boy sitting in a crowded room, some of whom have Greek flags pinned to their lapels. The woman is holding a poster bearing a large image of Prof. Andreas S. Papandreou.

Image of protestors addressing police officers. Their signs read "King Konstantine is Reponsible for the Greek Tragedy" and "Long Live Democracy".

Image of a man making an obscene hand gesture (the moutza, or mountza).

Image of protesters walking along a sidewalk with signs, all in English, some of which read "Smash Greek Junta" and "Down With Greek Junta". A swastika is visible in the background.