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Image of man smoking and standing before a microphone.


Image of Orillia resident Tag Watson, University of Toronto student Ruth Laigo and Andy Baker, a visitor from England, at festival.

Image of Carol Robinson leaning against Dirty Shames band mate Jim McCarthy while performing on stage.

Image of three musicians, Elyse Weinberg, Doug Bush and an unknown bassist performing.


Image of several men applauding in audience at night performance.


Image of a group of people gathered around a car, some singing and playing guitar, others observing.


Image of two women in their bathing suits walking towards the camera down the middle of a dirt road. Other small groups of festival goers are visible in background.

Image of an unknown drummer with "JL" apple motif on bass drum performing at Mariposa.


Image of an unknown drummer with "JL" apple motif on bass drum performing at Mariposa; profile.


Image of audience applauding at performance of unknown quartet.

Image of unknown quartet performing, featuring guitar, bass, drums and tambourine.

Image of the backs of four police officers sitting at picnic tables; watching performance and audience in background.

Image of unknown man singing and playing guitar.


Image of man sleeping on rolled-out sleeping bag on top of a picnic table in the shade.

Image of man sitting amongst trees, smoking a pipe and playing guitar.


Image of ten police officers sitting on picnic tables, with two parked police motorcycles in the foreground. One police officer is reading the Mariposa Festival program.

Image of two women sitting at a picnic table sitting opposite another woman sitting on top of the picnic table playing the guitar and kazoo.

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Image of young man carrying a guitar in its case over his shoulders, with a pipe in his mouth.


Image of a car crossing a stream and people walking alongside using a wooden plank.

Image of people walking over a wooden plank spanning over a stream.