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In this photo. Frank Alvarez (w/ striped tie holding paper), Consul Barbosa Ferreira (w/ carnation in lapel), Domingos Marques (smiling w/ camera)

"In the [19]60s and [19]70s, during the formative years of the community, when Portuguese arrived... there was no expectation of sending the Portuguese to follow academic careers; [girls] were sort of streamed into the secretary [trade]... The…

"Dady was right...
The History that portuguese wrote in Canada."


A life made of dreams, for
someone who cannot live of dreams,

In a strange land, strange
customs, strange languages.

Hopes getting bleaker every time.

Evaporated, destroyed,
shattered, crumbled.

What do we…

Ad for Lisbon Publications published in the Comunidade newspaper. Reads: "Lisbon Publications. A Modern typography." The address of this typography is the same as Comunidade's.