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Image of unknown musician on double bass performing on stage accompanied by two other unknown musicians.

Image of man performing on double bass amongst audience.

Image of members of Bone China Band (Dan West on banjo, Willie P. Bennett on vocals and guitar and Mike "Major" Gardner on bass) performing under a tent. Photograph taken from below resulting in a dramatic foreshortening effect.

Image of unknown performer wearing sunglasses and a tweed jacket, playing a double bass.

Image of musicians from Dixie Flyers playing an intimate show with Brian Abbey on double bass in the center accompanied by the three other musicians on harmonica, mandolin and guitar.

Image of large group performance, accordion solo with double bass and piano; men and women in traditional dress costumes. From left to right includes Jean Carignan, Gilles Losier, Phillip Bruneau and Les Danceurs du St. Laurent

Image of large audience from behind, couple hugging, man holding double bass, audience member sitting on tree branch.