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Image of the Gangrene Boys performing on banjo and guitar.

Image of musician Larry McBride playing guitar.

Image of Jackie Washington sitting on a chair on stage performing on guitar.

Image of Vera Johnson and Steve Goodman playing guitar at an outdoor workshop surrounded by an audience.

Image of Kenny Jackson and Dave Essig, one can be seen seated playing the guitar, while the other is standing playing the fiddle behind his back.

Image of Mitchell (Bea) and Everet Lilly, The Lilly Brothers, performing, both playing guitar and dressed in matching attire and hats.

Image of young guitar player, playing in sun surrounded by trees wearing a poncho and sunglasses.


Image of musician Rev. Pearly Brown seated on stage playing guitar wearing plaid.

Image of performer Willie Dunn part of Native Peoples Stage, seated on stage playing guitar.

Image of female member of Toronto Area Blue Grass Committee; standing on grass playing guitar at outdoor workshop; small crowd standing around her.

Image of a packed crowd for performer David Bromberg; musicians seen from behind.

Image of Hank Bradley performing with his guitar.

Image of musician Martyn Wyndham-Read playing the guitar on stage.

Image of musician Colleen Peterson singing and playing guitar.

Image of David Wilcox playing his guitar; people eating and sitting at picnic tables in the background.

Image of Taj Mahal performing on stage on guitar

Image of musician Myrna Lorrie performing on stage on guitar.

Image of musician Penny Lang sitting on stage with her guitar.

Image of John Hammond performing.

Image of a large crowd for a group performance.