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Image of a protest on University Ave., Toronto, featuring signs reading "Working Committee on Immigration."

Consists of a Greyhound map of the United States upon which the start of Herbert and Jessica Hunt's return to England, travelling form Spruce Lake, Saskatchewan to Montreal, Quebec to board the S.S. Manchester, is both delineated and traced.

Image of Flor do Lar variety store in Montreal, Quebec. Sign says "Discos, Cassetes, Jornais, Revistas" (LPs, Cassettes, Newspapers, Magazines).

Report written by Domingos Marques and John Medeiros assessing the achievements and challenges of the newspaper Comunidade over the years.

Image of Filarmónica Lira-Portuguesa of Brampton performing in a community event.

Group photo of ethnic press representatives posing around an old train engine during trip to Thunder Bay and Kenora, organized by the Government of Ontario to promote the province. Domingos Marques, representing O Jornal Português, sits at the top…

Consists of an essay written by Herbert Hunt after his return to England in which he reflects on his experiences farming in Saskatchewan. In a marked contrast to his earlier published work, Hunt criticizes the 3,000 Family Settlement scheme.

Consists of the Empire Settlement Act, 1922, an agreement between Canada and the United Kingdom that facilitated the migration of British families to Canada. The document provides an overview of the eligibility requirements for the 3,000 Family…

Photo of Domingos Marques sitting at a table in the workshop of O Jornal Portugues newspaper.
Transcript of audio commentary:
"This was, I would say the spring of 1970, perhaps even before... that's right, maybe the winter of 1968. I had just…

Image of Constanino's Hairstyling storefront. Unpublished photo taken by Fernanda Gaspar for the story "Constantino. Um Artista Popular" (Constantino. A Popular Artist), in Comunidade newspaper, Year 4, Vol. 2, Issue 10, February 26, 1979.

Promotional photo showing scattered copies of the Comunidade newspaper used for the newspaper subscription ad. The ad says: "A newspaper that helps you live better in a foreign country."

Promotional photo showing scattered copies of the Comunidade newspaper.

Image of the play "Açores 77" performed in Toronto, featuring a sign reading 'We Want More Money And Less Work."