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Men hanging outside Portuguese restaurant on the corner of Bellevue Ave. and Nassau St. (Kensington Market).

Shoppers gather outside Joe's Fruit Market and Casa Lisboa on Augusta Ave. and Nassau St. (Kensington Market)

Maria Teresa and Maria Leonor Pereira pose in front of their new house on 110 Lisgar St. (Kensington Market), Toronto.

People walking on Nassau St. with colorful houses in the background.

Postcard with image of St. Christopher House (Ryerson House) at 67 Bellevue Place - Kensington Market - Toronto.

Image of a man wearing an apron leaning against the end of a truck and a woman looking down at a crate of produce.

Image of baskets of produce on the bed of a pickup truck parked on the street in Kensington Market.

Image of a man standing on a street corner near a fruit stand.

Image of two men standing by a display of graped at a fruit stand in Kensington Market.

Image of people standing in front of a Portuguese butcher shop on 271-273 Augusta Ave. (Kensington Market). Among them is Johnny Lombardi.