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Image of notes and messages written by festival goers, including "I'm from New Hampshire but I love Mariposa."


Image of three aboriginal dancers wearing traditional dress, including feathered headdresses, accompanied by a drummer. These may be the San Juan Indian Youth Dancers.

Image of fiddle musician in foreground accompanied by one of the Whiteley brothers(?) on double bass.

Image of teepee guarded by man a large skin drum lays on its side between the tent and man.

Image of the back of a musician holding a fiddle looking out towards the audience. Far left a male audience member hides behind a cut out silhouette and takes a photograph.

Image of festival attendees taking part in a dancing workshop. They form two rows while holding hands.

Image of dancer demonstrating dance steps to a group of people in workshop.

Image of The Hotmud Family performing on fiddle, guitar, banjo and double bass.

Image of sound technician lying on the ground comfortably while recording a performance .