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Image of a woman carrying a burlap bag of produce on her head and walking away.

Image of two boys sitting on stairs, wearing matching jackets, shirts, and shorts.

Image of a woman and two men holding a girl who is carrying a decorated straw purse and a straw hat. They are standing near a marble column marked "Taxi".

Image of men and women standing in a group, with a woman in a headscarf carrying a cloth bag and bundle in foreground.

Image of women at a fruit market, one of whom is pushing a stroller.

Image of a man in a long coat standing beside a line of newspapers and magazines laid out on the sidewalk against a wall.

Image of a woman standing next to an open door with a bulletin board just outside it.

Image of a multilingual sign which reads "We fill prescriptions from all over the world."

Image of a man in a striped shirt walking on a sidewalk next to a pile of odds and ends, and a store called "A. Litvak Groceries & Vegetables."

Image of kids running down the sidewalk on a sunny day, while a man standing under an awning sprays them with a hose.

Image of an awning in front of a store with various garments hanging around it and a man sitting on a chair in the shade.

Image of a building adjacent to a church with a sign on it reading: "Portugese Parish Center" in both English and Portugese.

Image of a church seen at the end of a street.

Image of a woman smiling and holding a bundle of tobacco.

Image of a man in a hat embracing a child. A woman embraces a man and a woman in a headscarf. Two women in Red Cross uniforms and an airplane's propeller are visible in the background.

Image of a woman in a headscarf being embraced and kissed on the cheek by a man in a hat, with a younger man and a woman in a fur coat looking on. A propeller from the aircraft on the runway tarmac is visible in the background.

Image of a woman by a fruit market with a basket on her head.

Image of three women on the sidewalk outside a produce market.

Image of three clerks behind a grocery store deli counter.

Image of a smiling man in an apron kneeling down next to a variety of newspapers and magazines laid out on the sidewalk along a building wall.