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Image of a man wearing an apron leaning against the end of a truck and a woman looking down at a crate of produce.

Image of soccer players and fans celebrating a goal on the field and in the stands.

Image of two men on a lawn, one lying down and the other sitting on a piece of luggage. Nearby is a sign that says "St. Peter's Lutheran Church 1854."

Image of a man in a straw hat smiling and sitting on a briefcase on a lawn.

Image of the side of a building with people at each of the windows looking out.

Image of a crowd of people standing behind a short picket fence

Image of people picketing on a sidewalk. A woman holds a sign which reads "Break from NORAD NATO."

Image of a waving woman and a man disembarking from an airplane via passenger steps. They are flanked by Red Cross and Ontario flags, and women in Red Cross uniforms standing at attention.

Image of a smiling crowd of people standing and waving from behind rope railing, with a woman in a Red Cross uniform holding the Ontario flag.

Image of a man and woman standing on either side of a girl and boy and kissing their cheeks. A woman in a Red Cross uniform and a smiling man with a gold tooth standing nearby. An airplane is on the runway tarmac in the background.

Image of the inside of a Jewish deli from outside the front window.

Image of the entrance to a cinema from under the marquee.

Image of the front of a movie theatre marquee advertising "La Casa Dei Film Italiani."

Image of the side of a movie theatre marquee advertising Italian features.

Image of three men looking at a movie poster on a wall. The poster is for "La Campana Di San Giusto."

Image of several clerks and a customer by the counter in a Jewish meat market.

Image of a movie poster on a tiled wall, for "Willi Forst's Wiener Madeln."