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Men hanging outside Portuguese restaurant on the corner of Bellevue Ave. and Nassau St. (Kensington Market).

Fr. Eduardo Resende raises a chalice while speaking into the microphone, flanked by Miss Lusitania 1978 and 79, and the Virgin Mary behind him.

Youth (dressed as an angel) and child walking after Senhor Santo Cristo procession

Portuguese revolutionary supporters sing together (likely Zeca Afonso's "Grândola Vila Morena" or the Portuguese anthem) at the Portuguese Canadian Democratic Association. First on the left is the Portuguese Consul in Toronto Ernesto Feu; person…

Immigration consultant José Rafael with two undocumented clients: Fernando Simões de Oliveira and Jaime Alves

On January 30, 1961, a group of "anti-fascist" connected with the Canadian Portuguese Democratic Committee (former PCDA) organized a motorcade outside the Portuguese Consulate on Bay St., Toronto. This coincided...