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Men hanging outside Portuguese restaurant on the corner of Bellevue Ave. and Nassau St. (Kensington Market).

Item consists of a photographic slide with annotations including: "Ste. Elizabeth," "3-44," "May 3/62."

Image of a dinner hosted by the Canadian Madeira Club at the Restaurant "The Boat" in Toronto welcoming the President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Alberto João Jardim (sitting in the middle of the main table, behind the candles). The…

Image of Bar-B-Q Jorbel Charcuterie Portugaise in Montreal, Quebec.

Image of Portuguese Solmar Restaurant in Montreal, Quebec.

Image of Portuguese businesses in Montreal, Quebec.

Image of community media dinner at "The Boat" restaurant, organized by the Portuguese airliner TAP. First person facing the camera on the left is Frank Alvarez. At his left is José Mário Coelho.