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Item consists of a bill to Allan Robb Fleming from London bookseller Colin Richardson for several listed books and unlisted typographical books valuing 88 pounds.

Item consists of a two page single sided handwritten letter from Allan Robb Fleming to his father-in-law explaining the reasons behind his move to the UK and why he wants to study typography.

Item consists of a one page two sided invitation designed by Allan Robb Fleming for an exhibition he organized entitled 'The Bible in Print' at the Royal Ontario Exhibition.

Item consists of a two page typescript letter by Allan Robb Fleming to Mrs. Lorraine Monk containing an outline and quote for the job of designing and producing Canada: A Year of the Land.

Item consists a ten-page typescript framing presentation, on onion skin paper, by inudstrial designer James Valkus as part of presentation to CN executives.

Item consists of a typescript presentation by Allan Robb Fleming, with additions and deletions, for the CN logo as part of the original presentation with James Valkus to CN executives. The cover sheet is authored by James Valkus alone, and…

Item consists of two pages of notes by Allan Robb Fleming on Tuscany Hotel (NYC) memo paper describing several solutions for the CN logo.

Item consists of a three page photocopy of a proposal typed by Allan Fleming, then Creative Director of Cooper and Beatty, for James Lovick & Co. Item includes annotations that alter the text for another client.

Two images, one of a sign on a fence and the other of writing on the facade of a building. From contact sheet of photographs taken by Allan Robb Fleming as research. Two frames from lower left hand corner entitled "Let Us Furnish" and "Modern…

Image of the gravestones of Allan who was Allan Rob Fleming's father and Charlie who was Allan Rob Fleming's uncle.

Image of signs at a highway underpass.

Image of the gravestone of George Beal.

Image of a sign in rural area that reads "Parking Camp Sylvan".

Image of a corner of a building with street names carved on each side.

Image of two females sitting on a CN counter handing tickets to a male CN employee.

Image of CN rail yard with CN freight cars and automobiles all bearing the CN logo created by Allan Robb Fleming.