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Image of the Wheatley Açoreano Bakery storefront

Image of female proprietor behind counter of a Portuguese bakery.

Image of Constanino's Hairstyling storefront. Unpublished photo taken by Fernanda Gaspar for the story "Constantino. Um Artista Popular" (Constantino. A Popular Artist), in Comunidade newspaper, Year 4, Vol. 2, Issue 10, February 26, 1979.

Image of Portuguese businesses in Montreal, Quebec.

Image of Portuguese Solmar Restaurant in Montreal, Quebec.

Image of Bar-B-Q Jorbel Charcuterie Portugaise in Montreal, Quebec.

Image of Flor do Lar variety store in Montreal, Quebec. Sign says "Discos, Cassetes, Jornais, Revistas" (LPs, Cassettes, Newspapers, Magazines).

Image of Livraria Silmar bookstore and stationary storefront in Montreal, Quebec.

Image of Portugal Real Estate storefront featuring political signs for Art Eggleton, Joe Pantalone, John Medeiros, Bill Moniz, Joe Pimentel and Manuel Garcia, and Manuel Alves, for the Toronto Municipal elections of 1978.

Image of the Portuguese Fish Market storefront.

Ad for Lisbon Publications published in the Comunidade newspaper. Reads: "Lisbon Publications. A Modern typography." The address of this typography is the same as Comunidade's.