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Image of First Nations performer, filmmaker and activist, Alanis Obomsawin and three other First Nations women in traditional dress speaking and knitting on a stage.

Image of craft area, hat maker selling his hats, four hats are stacked in the foreground.

Image of First Nations woman selling beadwork and mocassins.


Craft area: Image of woman spinning wool with uncarded wool behind her.

Craft area: Image of craftsperson emonstrating how to make a dulcimer.

Craft area: Image of woman selling her jewellery.

Image of Mary Adelaide Rich making a snowshoe. Hulda Lidd is in the background.

Image of Mrs. Thagray demonstrating Tibetan rug weaving.

Image of artisan spinning wool in craft area. This person could be Edna Blackburn, Greta Hussey or Lucy Cormier.

Image of woman (Edith Pike or Rosalie Power) working on pottery wheel with several children observing.

Image of F. Maskell working at a potter's wheel.

Image of F. Maskell working at a potter's wheel.

Image of a artisan from the Canadian Indian Centre carving a totem pole.