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"In the [19]60s and [19]70s, during the formative years of the community, when Portuguese arrived... there was no expectation of sending the Portuguese to follow academic careers; [girls] were sort of streamed into the secretary [trade]... The…

"Dady was right...
The History that portuguese wrote in Canada."


A life made of dreams, for
someone who cannot live of dreams,

In a strange land, strange
customs, strange languages.

Hopes getting bleaker every time.

Evaporated, destroyed,
shattered, crumbled.

What do we…

Ad for Lisbon Publications published in the Comunidade newspaper. Reads: "Lisbon Publications. A Modern typography." The address of this typography is the same as Comunidade's.

Group photo of ethnic press representatives posing around an old train engine during trip to Thunder Bay and Kenora, organized by the Government of Ontario to promote the province. Domingos Marques, representing O Jornal Português, sits at the top…

Image of Silva Magazine's front cover, winter 1996/97 issue, featuring Bella Gallos.

Front cover of issue 32, Vol. 3, May 1975 of the news bulletin Informações, published by the Portuguese Development Committee, based out of the West End YMCA in Toronto