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"Immigrant workforce.
I see the situation of the Portuguese immigrant perfectly clearly...
...and I like what I see!!"

Comic strip 'O Canagues':

"I would like you to give me a raise.
I would like prices not be raised.
I would like you not to raise my rent.
...may 1976 be a very prosperous year.

Comic strip 'O Canaguês':

"Hello! I am the wife of the Canaguês. He is meeting with his friends. When they get together they solve all the problems of the world.

The question of Angola's independence, the economy, the welfare abuse, and world…

Comic strip 'o Canagues':

"To make wine I always buy the best grapes from California.
After selected, they are squeezed and the must is properly fermented and barreled.
Afterwards, the bagasse is distilled through an alambic that my compadre…