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Image of Bernie Jaffe, playing fiddle and smoking a cigarette; member of J.P. Ringworm and the Heartbreak of Psoriasis.

Image of close up shot of Bessie Jones singing accompanied by a man on harmonica.

Image of musician Alice Gerrard performing with her guitar.

Image of three Inuit women, dressed in traditional annuraaq on stage.


Image of Elizabeth Cotton playing the banjo and smiling.

Image of unknown performer wearing sunglasses and a tweed jacket, playing a double bass.

Image of David Amram? With his guitar performing on stage, gesturing with stretched arms to the audience.

Image of large audience with widely smiling male attendee in the center.

Image of front row festival attendees, wearing rain jackets and holding umbrellas sitting on the ground. Photograph taken from stage level.

Image of musician walking holding his steel guitar over his right shoulder. Person in background holding sleeping bag.

Image of large group performance, accordion solo with double bass and piano; men and women in traditional dress costumes. From left to right includes Jean Carignan, Gilles Losier, Phillip Bruneau and Les Danceurs du St. Laurent