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"Dady was right...
The History that portuguese wrote in Canada."

Domingos Marques, Valter Lopes, and João Medeiros sitting at a Comunidade round table discussion on the education of Portuguese children in elementary schools.

Digital clipping of Comunidade newspaper, section on YMCA news, talking about some of the Portuguese staff and the different services they provided for the community. From top to bottom, Frank Savoia (Director); John Medeiros (Coordinator of…

Report written by Domingos Marques and John Medeiros assessing the achievements and challenges of the newspaper Comunidade over the years.

Front cover of issue 32, Vol. 3, May 1975 of the news bulletin Informações, published by the Portuguese Development Committee, based out of the West End YMCA in Toronto

Image of a display of the book "Portuguese Immigrants. 25 Years in Canada" (1980) with authors Domingos Marques (on left) and John Medeiros (on right).

Image of wall along College St. featuring political signs for George Ben, Joe Pantalone, John Medeiros, Bill Moniz, Joe Pimental and Manuel Garcia, ? LoFranco, ? McDowell, ? Case, Tony O'Donohue, Robert Taddeo, and Manuel Alves for the Toronto…

Image of Portugal Real Estate storefront featuring political signs for Art Eggleton, Joe Pantalone, John Medeiros, Bill Moniz, Joe Pimentel and Manuel Garcia, and Manuel Alves, for the Toronto Municipal elections of 1978.